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Northeasteners have landed!

Hi all!

I just wanted to let you know that Lou and I landed in B-town at around two. That's two additional hours worth of cooling our heels in DC. I'm still not quite sure why we had to wait, though there might have been something about missing crew? Aside from the delay, it was easy going. Lou's on the road back to Quebec City now; I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she doesn't have to deal with too much traffic.

Umm... I think that's it. I'll update when I hear from Lou. :D

Love and safe journeys!

Ahhhhhh, the memories....

Hey y'all, just wanted to let you know that I made it home safely and am now in "wedding mode."

Maybe this would be a good place for everybody to check in when they get home so we'll know that you're safe and sound.

You guys are awesome and I miss every one of you SO much already...so when do we start planning the next one? ;D I wish I could've stayed the whole time, but the time I had was priceless. ♥

just a second of your attention please!

In a new development, we'll have another fangirl joining our little group for two days of the weekend... I'm doing the introductions because it's my dear friend Suzanne and she... doesn't have a LJ. I know. I know. *shakes head*

ohhh, not because I didn't try to have her get one, but she always resisted. :)

But if you don't know her, she indirectly knows a lot of you because... well I've always pimped your fics to her and she read a lot back when Jack/Sawyer was all over. So she's a lurker, or was, because I don't think she has much time anymore. Sue betaed my fics for years, too, she's awesome that way.

I met Sue in 2002 on a Josh Lucas fan site. For years and years we chatted almost every day, until she changed jobs and couldn't access chats much and my work blocked those sites too. It's very very sad. We shared the Lost love (until she stopped watching in S6) and she was also subjected to my many changes in fandom where I'd go on and on about my new boys. Poor love.

Sue lives in Lafayette, Louisiana. In the spring of 2006, I came down to visit NO and parts of Louisiana with her and our husbands and we had a grand old time. I could not pass the opportunity to see her again and I am very excited that she'll be able to join us for a couple of days.

After work on Friday she'll drive to NO, meet us wherever we are at the time, and she should go back home on Sunday afternoon. She knows NO very well, so she can be a real good source of info (if you have questions, please ask, I'll relay!). I am sure you'll love her (probably not as much as I do, but I have several years on you guys).

She'll pay her share for the food and for the night she'll stay over (if there's no available bed, I'm taking her in mine ;) ), no worries.

At last, I want to give you a bit of advice from her, concerning safety in New-Orleans:

The area around The Lookout is pretty rough. In the day it's not so bad. But as soon as it's getting dark? TAKE A CAB. Even if it's for two blocks, she said it would be advisable, it's better to be safe than sorry. so... seriously, take a cab, do not try to walk to the French Quarter when it's dark. Speaking of, there is a safety in numbers in the French Quarter, that area is a lot safer. But still, be careful my dears.

so... I am the only one excited that IT'S IN ONE WEEK?!?!?!?! OMG!!! \o/

House Food Info

Thanks for filling out the poll, everyone!

The plan is to stock up on breakfast stuff, beverages and snacks to have on hand. Probably most of our lunches and dinners will be had elsewhere, so we won’t shop for those types of items ahead of time. Once we get to the Lookout and scope out the kitchen set-up we can decide if we want to make any meals there. I am hopeful that we’ll be able to swing at least one dinner there, as some of my favorite memories from the other GFGs are meals and times spent at the house just hanging out together.

As for the grocery list, in the interest of economy I didn’t include things that only one person voted for. That means that whoever voted for healthy breakfast muffins/pastries, Coke, Pepsi, fizzy water, potato chips, microwave popcorn and cookies will have to bring or buy their own. Apparently, there are convenience-type stores not far from the Lookout where most of those items should be available.

I also didn’t include chocolate because in Vegas we had so much chocolate we couldn’t come anywhere near eating it all. So, if chocolate is important to you, best bring some. Also remember, if you want to, to bring some regional treat to share – it’s not required though!

I will bring coffee and I think maybe T is planning on it too, so we will be fully caffeinated. If you’re a tea drinker, pack some bags cuz it’s not on the list.

I did not include alcohol on the grocery list. I figure those convenience stores are sure to sell booze and it will be easier if the boozers just go in together on what they want, rather than trying to do the math of subtracting out the teetotalers when I’m figuring out who owes what for groceries.

Grocery ListCollapse )


I wanted to check in with info about transportation and its costs to help with budgeting.

To the best of my knowledge no one who is attending will be bringing a car, so we will be relying on foot, bus/streetcar, and taxi.

From the airport:
A cab ride costs $33.00 from the airport to the Central Business District (CBD) for one person and $14.00 (per passenger) for three or more passengers. Pick-up is on the lower level, outside the baggage claim area. There may be an additional charge for extra baggage.

I think that Tarah, Lou and T are arriving around noon on Thursday and planning to share a cab. Lee and Laura, do you have arrival plans set?

There is a bus stop close to where we are staying on the #5 route. This route runs hourly and only between about 6am - 6pm. It does go right to the French Quarter and from there we can transfer to the Streetcar or other buses for out of Quarter adventures.

Buses and streetcars cost $1.25 per ride. Three-day passes are available for $12 so we may want to look into that. Passes should be readily available once we arrive.

Nightlife Idea

Hi kids,

I have been reading my New Orleans guidebook, and wanted to share something I came across that may be of interest, though I hope I am not horning in on whoever is our organizer of nightlife activities.

This is from the Lonely Planet Guide to New Orleans:


On most nights of the week this is pretty much a Bywater dive of the best sort... Come here whenever, but you must stop by on a Thursday: that's when Kermit Ruffins, one of the trumpet-playing kings of New Orleans, bring the house, the neighborhood and likely a surrounding 10-mile radius down. The Ruffins show has to be one of the best regular live acts in the city, if not the country - everyone dances, laughs and loves in a scene so New Orleans it deserves its own Mardi Gras..."

No idea how close to the Lookout this bar is, but it's in the Bywater at least. Just wanted to put it out there, in case it piqued anyone's interest.


Also, FYI, the Bywater has what my guidebook calls the 'best jazz club in the city' - www.snugjazz.com. It's on Frenchman St., which the salesperson who was helping me the other day at Nordstom when I was tying on bras assured me is way better and more interesting and less touristy than Bourbon St!

Two Questions

1. Is anyone going a day early?
2. Is anyone bringing a laptop? (I will need to check work email and would rather not bring my old, heavy, cranky laptop if I can borrow someone else's to check my email.)

GFG Grocery Poll

Hey there, GFGers! I’ve taken on planning our food & bev grocery list, so I have a simple little poll for you to fill out.

The one thing I learned from doing this for the Vegas GFG is that the best laid plans… are not really necessary. So this time the plan will be simpler.

I’m thinking we’ll stock up on simple breakfast options, snacks and drinks right away and then figure out what to do about possible at-home meals once we get there & see the set up. We can always throw together a quick meal of grilled burgers with store bought salads if we decide we want to hang out at the homestead rather than going out.

I know we have some vegetarians, so we’ll plan any meals to include veg options. If there are other dietary restrictions to consider, please let me know in comments.

Breakfast items to have on hand:

Bread for toast/butter
Peanut butter
Bran muffins or other healthy-ish baked goods
Sweet rolls/pastries
Cold cereal w/milk
Something else (leave in comments)

Nonalcoholic Drinks:

Other juice (leave in comments)
Diet Coke
Diet Pepsi
Coke Zero
Other soda (leave in comments)
Water - fizzy
Water - plain
Other (leave in comments)

Alcoholic drinks to have on hand:

Beer - reg'lar ol' 'merican
Beer - microbrew or better import
Beer - light
Wine - white
Wine - red
Wine - pink
Hard stuff (leave in comments)
I don't drink alcohol

Snacks to have on hand:

Potato chips - regular
Potato chips - baked
Tortilla chips/salsa
Cheese & crackers
Veg & dip
Microwave popcorn
Something else (leave in comments)

I think it’d be fun if those who want to bring some edible specialty from your area to share w/the group. This isn’t required, just something to consider, if you feel like doing it.

rough itinerary

Here is the rough outline of activities I put together based on recent polls. It is very rough and just an outline because I know flexibility will be more successful than trying to schedule things by the numbers. (But don't worry things are TOO vague -- it will all gell, I promise!) I am happy to hear feedback. Nothing has been set into stone yet.

Thursday - arrivals, perhaps dinner out

morning - French Quarter wanderings
afternoon - possibly a walking tour and dinner (at Muriels?)
evening - Bourbon St for those who are interested

morning - arts market, City park, picnic lunch?
afternoon - rest?
evening - back to the French Quarter, or perhaps go hear some music or walking tour

morning - brunch perhaps
afternoon - Garden District
evening - luau at the house

Monday - bye bye!

five weeks and counting? Walking tour poll

I probably need to make reservations soon...so let's try to make a final decision.

First choice walking tour

Garden district
St Louis Cemetery #1
evening ghost/etc French Quarter

Second choice

Garden District
St Louis Cemetery #1
evening ghost/etc French Quarter

Also, don't forget to sign up for the fic exchange