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I wanted to check in with info about transportation and its costs to help with budgeting.

To the best of my knowledge no one who is attending will be bringing a car, so we will be relying on foot, bus/streetcar, and taxi.

From the airport:
A cab ride costs $33.00 from the airport to the Central Business District (CBD) for one person and $14.00 (per passenger) for three or more passengers. Pick-up is on the lower level, outside the baggage claim area. There may be an additional charge for extra baggage.

I think that Tarah, Lou and T are arriving around noon on Thursday and planning to share a cab. Lee and Laura, do you have arrival plans set?

There is a bus stop close to where we are staying on the #5 route. This route runs hourly and only between about 6am - 6pm. It does go right to the French Quarter and from there we can transfer to the Streetcar or other buses for out of Quarter adventures.

Buses and streetcars cost $1.25 per ride. Three-day passes are available for $12 so we may want to look into that. Passes should be readily available once we arrive.
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