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House Food Info

Thanks for filling out the poll, everyone!

The plan is to stock up on breakfast stuff, beverages and snacks to have on hand. Probably most of our lunches and dinners will be had elsewhere, so we won’t shop for those types of items ahead of time. Once we get to the Lookout and scope out the kitchen set-up we can decide if we want to make any meals there. I am hopeful that we’ll be able to swing at least one dinner there, as some of my favorite memories from the other GFGs are meals and times spent at the house just hanging out together.

As for the grocery list, in the interest of economy I didn’t include things that only one person voted for. That means that whoever voted for healthy breakfast muffins/pastries, Coke, Pepsi, fizzy water, potato chips, microwave popcorn and cookies will have to bring or buy their own. Apparently, there are convenience-type stores not far from the Lookout where most of those items should be available.

I also didn’t include chocolate because in Vegas we had so much chocolate we couldn’t come anywhere near eating it all. So, if chocolate is important to you, best bring some. Also remember, if you want to, to bring some regional treat to share – it’s not required though!

I will bring coffee and I think maybe T is planning on it too, so we will be fully caffeinated. If you’re a tea drinker, pack some bags cuz it’s not on the list.

I did not include alcohol on the grocery list. I figure those convenience stores are sure to sell booze and it will be easier if the boozers just go in together on what they want, rather than trying to do the math of subtracting out the teetotalers when I’m figuring out who owes what for groceries.

The list is below. Feel free to make suggestions and let me know if I forgot anything. Also, if you want to request a specific brand/type of something on the list, go for it. What's specified is pretty much what I'd eat so if, for example, you hate whole wheat bread, speak up and we'll get a loaf of white as well.

• Bread – try for 100% whole wheat
• Bagels – a variety
• Peanut Butter – a natural, no sugar added kind, like Adam’s. Pre-stirred, if possible.
• Breakfast cereal – one carton
• Orange juice
• Dip for veg – hummus and/or something else
• Tortilla chips
• Salsa – medium or mild
• Crackers for cheese

• Bananas
• Apples
• Watermelon and/or cantaloupe
• Peaches or nectarines if there are any that are ripe, otherwise don’t bother
• Grapes - if they look good & aren’t too expensive
• Cherries - ditto
• Any interesting local fruits!
• Lemons – 2
• Limes - 2
• Oranges
• Grape tomatoes
• Little carrots
• Celery
• Other veg that would be good for dipping

• Milk – 1 or 2% - half gallon
• ½ & ½ - small
• Cheese – maybe a Gouda, a goat and a brie or some approximation thereof
• Cheese – if you can find them – Laughing Cow Light and/or Babybel Light
• Butter – 1 cube
• Yogurt – a variety of flavors, at least a couple nonfat. Natural or organic preferred, if it’s available.
• Cream cheese – the kind in a tub, maybe one regular and one lowfat
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