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Question re: attire

Hey Laydeez!!

I am wondering about what constitutes appropriate late July attire in the city of New Orleans. Here in Seattle we get by with fleece, goretex, jeans and unattractive, clunky footwear of various ilks, but I somehow don't see that working in NOLA.

I'm thinking it will be too hot for jeans, yes? Will I need to bring a sweater for evenings or does it stay hot at night? I plan to bring t-shirts, shorts & capris, but should I also pack a dress and something other than unattractive, clunky footwear for going out at night?

Your guidance is much appreciated!
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great big activities poll

We've had various discussions here and there, but I feel like we need to get specific. Under the cut is a big old poll of things to do I compiled, with links.

Things I didn't include because I felt like they were "givens": cemeteries, walking tour, Bourbon Street, wandering around, drinking, eating, music

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road trip

transportation, plantation, tours

Is anyone planning to DRIVE to the GFG? Who may be willing to make an out of town outing?

A couple of people (zelda_zee, elliotsmelliot) have stated they definitely DO want to go to a plantation. A couple of people holycitygirl, crowgirl13) have also stated they DO NOT want to go to a plantation. Assuming we split up for half a day, how do others feel or which do you prefer?

ZZ said she would like to visit Laura Plantation. Are there other preferences?

Laura is approx. 32 miles from New Orleans, tours run every 40 minutes between 10-4, and costs $18. A tour guide conducts the tour through the home. I am hoping we'll have someone willing to drive and a number of interested people who comfortably fit in 1 vehicle. There are tour operators who run out to the plantations but the price is around $70 PER PERSON. We could easily rent a car for the entire time for the $50 markup times 4 people.

I also wanted to broach the topic of walking tours. I did a bit of research and found that in general tours are 1.5 - 2 hours long and cost between $15 and $20 per person.

We would need to decide on where we wanted to take a tour of, and what type of tour. (Or if we want to take multiple tours.) There are tours that are more historically accurate, ones that are more fun, ones that are about ghosts, etc. The three main places to tour are 1) St Louis Cemetery, 2) French Quarter, 3) Garden District.

The main walking tour companies I found are:
- hauntedhistorytours.com (offers Garden Dist, St. Louis Cemetery, or Haunted French Quarter)
- frenchquarterphantoms.com (offers St Louis Cemetery, French Quarter, Haunted FQ, or Treme)
- friendsofthecabildo.org (offers historical French Quarter tour)
- magictoursnola.com (offers Garden Dist, St Louis Cemetery, French Quarter or Haunted FQ, focus on history)

general GFG activities discussion post

This post is to get the ball rolling and collect ideas for what to do at the GFG in New Orleans. There will undoubtedly be more discussion/polls/whatever prior to any kind of scheduling being done.

Arrival day is Thursday and check-out day is Monday, giving us basically three days to fill - Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Where do your interest lie?

What are your "omg I can't miss this" places or activities?

For those who have visited before, which are your "been there, done that, not going back" places?

Do we want to try to organize a trip out of town to a plantation and/or bayou?
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Let's talk sightseeing - cemeteries

Let's start talking about activities for the GFG 2011 trip. I'll make a more general post in a few minutes, but I thought I'd kick things off with CEMETERIES. New Orleans is known for its unusual "cities of the dead," above-ground cemeteries due to the soil composition in the area making underground burials impractical. There are also many legends and superstitions surrounding the culture of the dead and dying and supernatural in New Orleans. I think we also have some cemetery buffs in our group.

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Presenting another housing option

Since there were some concerns about the Lookout Inn, the winner of the previous housing poll, we wanted to present another housing option. Please comment with your preference.

"Les Palmes"
- 3 bed/2 bath with den; breakdown: 1 Queen; 2 Twin/ Single; 2 Twin/ Single; 1 Sleep Sofa /Futon, Full-size pullout; 2 Sleep Sofa /Futon, Fold-away cots
- Wifi and Air conditioning
- Full kitchen/living/dining rooms
- $250/night so $1000 for four nights; $150 cleaning; $100 discount available
- Located in Algiers Point. This is across the Mississippi River from the French Quarter. It is 1/2 a mile to the free ferry from the house, then a short walk into the Quarter. Ferry runs twice per hour until midnight. The ferry does carry cars for $1.

Lookout Inn
- confirmed it does have air conditioning and each suite has a small living room
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Animal  Kitty

Anymore insight on housing?

In case you missed the poll from Friday, we are asking people to vote on two accommodation options we've picked as our top contenders so far. We picked these based on location, price, amenities and character. So if you haven't voted, please do here.

In the comments, many of you noted that neither of our choices have a full kitchen. Both have fridges and microwaves, and the Lookout also has a stove and a BBQ. But no ovens! If that is a sticking point, please say so and we can present other options with proper kitchens. Or if you are okay eating out and doing simple cooking for our meals, please say so too.


Housing options poll

elliotsmelliot and I have narrowed housing options down to two contenders for the New Orleans GFG. We're asking you to make the decision. With the note that there is always the possibility that both places will be unavailable and we will go to one of the places lower on our list.

Descriptions of each property are below the poll and below the cut.

GFG housing options

Lookout Inn

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Idea girlz!

I definitely agree that the next order of business should be finding some place to stay. In the meantime, though, we should be forming up committees for our fabulous trip! I have been to New Orleans somewhere between ten and fifteen times, so if you need a tour guide I'd be happy to head up that committee. I'd also be happy to suggest where to eat (definitely beignets and coffee/chocolate milk at Cafe du Monde, at least one good meal at Brennans or Muriels (with its mimosa-glass-throwing ghost). Court of Two Sisters has an out-of-this-world jazz brunch (that I won't be allowed to go to because of my surgery *pout* but I'll expect doggie bags!). Hurricanes at O'Charley's are a drink tradition, and pralines can be bought in any store. Mulates is a fairly inexpensive place for authentic Cajun food served up with live jazz music and dancing! As for tours, there's all the usual stuff already mentioned, as well as the St. Louis Cathedral and the Natchez riverboat and the Bayou Gatorboat tours for those of you who feel like getting malaria from the fever! I've gotta run but it you wanna put me in charge of either committee I'm happy to be of service!

ETA: there's also Harrah's Casino for wild-type fun and I think they might still run a History of Katrina movie somewhere in town for the more history-minded types (I've always wanted to see it, zoomed out a bit from the tree it threw on my house).

a place and a time

I am excited to announce that we have a place and a time for GFG 2011!

New Orleans - July 28th through August 1st

That's a Thursday through Monday. If you have to arrive late or leave early that is just fine!

The next order of business is to find a place to stay. We are looking at rental houses, probably in the Garden District. It depends on various factors but I think the cost will be around $50 per night per person for the house.

We need a rough idea of how many people will be attending.

I'll be there!


How sure are you on your answer?

100% sure
more than 50% sure
less than 50% sure
decisions are hard!

Also, you may want to join/watch the community if you are interested in attending. At some point we may need to make locked posts here in the interest of privacy.